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Adopting Plants – 1 Indian 5 Trees
  • Our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust started the plantation drive under 1 Indian 5 Trees Projects all over TamilNadu and Puducherry. Our Volunteers in each district, plant the saplings and maintain the sapling plants for every two years. 3 times in every month, our volunteers visit the place of planting and maintain the plant until it grows up 8-10 feet because we want to consider every sapling as our child.
  • To motivate all the youngsters and our volunteers, investigation team visits every district and analyze the growth of the tree and volunteers are given a certificate of appreciation and gifts for their hard work. We feel these activities act as a motivation and make the students and the public to involve in environmental activities. We want every people in the world to take this initiative to cover the earth with nature.
Seed Bombs

From 2014 Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust initiate these Seed bomb. Even a Birds dropping (poop) can be a fertilizer when it falls into the soil. we must start “Spreading the seed for Plant” but we were in a doubt whether it will become a tree or not? For this, we have a solution “SEED BOMBS”.

Methods of Seed Bombing

  • Gather more seeds. Even we can collect the fruit and vegetable seeds which are available in our Home.
  • Collect all the seeds and keep them in a paper Bag because it absorbs the water from seed.
  • Add the water in Red soil with cow-dung (70% Sand and 30% Cow-Dung) and mix it to make a paste. Take small pieces from those paste and make it a round ball.
  • Inside the round, the ball keeps a seed. Repeat the procedure in the same way and make all the seed in the form of a round ball.
  • Dry those balls in a sheltered place.
  • Whenever you go outside take some Seed Bombs and throw wherever you like. Until the rainy season starts, the red soil and Cow-dung give essential protection to the seed. We Prefer to throw Seed Bombs at River, Pond, Hills and National Highways.
  • Once it rains, the seed starts to grow.

Once you are going to Plant a Seed Bombs.
Remember these

விதைத்து கொண்டே இரு மூளைத்தால் மரம், இல்லையேல் மண்ணுக்கு ௨ரம்”

Seedboombs article published in Vikatan

Water Bodies Restoration

Due to the ever-increasing population, increase in construction activities and demand for residential purposes & development activities, water conservation becomes a prime concern to the entire world (Think about SouthAfrica Capetown 2018 Water Crisis). Now the land of natural drainage channels are in danger because it does not owned by any particular village or city or person. Unauthorised use of land in natural drainage channels like rivers, their tributaries, etc., village ponds and small rivers are causing obstruction in the normal natural flow of water in them. Global freshwater resources are threatened by rising demands from many quarters. Growing populations need even more water for drinking, hygiene, sanitation, food production, and industry. Climate change, meanwhile is excepted to contribute to droughts. Unless every individual in the world take a step it becomes difficult to survive in near future.
The following measures were taken by our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust Volunteers to protect natural water channels like Lake, Pond, Etc., from unauthorized occupation and ensure normal natural flow in them and also protection of village Pond and artificial water reservoirs in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Pondicherry Kanagan Lake Cleanup

On every Sundays from June 18th, 2017 Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision and in association with Environmental Foundation of India organized the kanagan lake cleanup drive, an awareness drive on our growing garbage footprint and the impact on the environment and plantation drive in and around the kanagan lake. Around 25 weeks of 500+ volunteers work converted lake to tourist place(a sheer nature’s beauty is restored).It was restored with the support from Puducherry government. Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi Madam visited Kanagan Lake,Kathirkamam, Puducherry on september 10,2017.500+ volunteers collected and removed 15 tractors of garbage from the kanagan lake, kathirkaman, Puducherry.It was our first project which act as motivation for further work.

Pondicherry Aayi Pond Cleanup

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust started Aayi Pond Cleanup activities by February 11, 2018. On March 22, 2018(World Waters day), a rally was conducted from kanagan lake to Aayi pond with 300 school students to create awareness about the importance of water conservation. 24 weeks of cleanup activities have been done with the help of 400+ volunteers we continued the cleanup activities and removed garbages, plastics etc. By 12th week(29.04.2018) Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi Madam along with the government officials visited the pond & gave future suggestions for improvement for preservation of the pond and by May 1 (Labour’s day), a plantation drive was conducted around the pond along with support of Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi Madam. Every week reports about the progress of cleanup activities have been sent to the Kiran Bedi madam. By 13th week(06.05.2018), Puthyathalaimurai TV  “NAMMAL MUDIYUM” show visited and broadcasted the activities which we carried out and it was telecasted on Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM”

Cuddalore Pathirikuppam Pond Cleanup

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust want to extend cleanup activities in Tamilnadu and we started cleanup activity from Cuddalore pathirikuppam Pond by April 1st week.With the help of 150+ volunteers support, after 26 weeks 75% of the pond cleanup activities had been completed.Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM” show visited and broadcasted the activities which we carried out and it was telecasted on Puthyathalaimurai TV “NAMMAL MUDIYUM”

Palm Seeds Planting

Palm Trees are the greatest asset for our country. These trees played a vital role in the ancient periods. Many common products and foods like Palm leaves, Palm milk, Palm oil, Jaggery, Nungu, Etc., comes from Palm Tree. Water is one of the precious natural resources. Our forefather planned to increase groundwater and to reduce its scarcity they decided to save rivers, canals, pools, ponds, tanks, lakes, wells,etc., Even though it is not enough to increase the groundwater, they plant an innumerable useful tree. The common tree which they planted were “PALM TREE” In general, tree roots are in the form of fibers but palm tree roots are just out of all angle from the root initialization zone because palm tends to have heavy fronds and trucks, the numerous roots act both as anchors and feeders to sustain the growing plant. The thin root stretches away from the trunk in search for moisture, water and nutrients. This automatically increases the ground water level. So, our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust initiated One Lakh Palm Seeds Planting every year in all over Tamilnadu and Puducherry

“Primary education is where teachers can Bring creativity in children at that level.”

- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Education – கற்க கசடற

On behalf of his teaching, our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust undertaking village Government Schools for 6months. During this period, our trust pillars will teach and give awareness about the real-life education, yoga, Plantation and its maintenance, awareness about drugs and smoke. We also improve their creative knowledge by teaching them extracurricular activities like painting, grafting, essay competition,etc.,  and also we conduct skill development competition for improving the skills every month.

Under Karka Kasadara we completed schools in 2016 -2017

  • Cuddalore – Government Primary School, Ramanathakuppam, Kulanchavadi
  • Thiruvallur – Government Primary School, Thirupachur

Under Karka Kasadara undertaken school in 2017 -2018

  • Cuddalore – Srinivasa Vandayar Primary School, Chidambaram Taluk
  • Cuddalore – Government Middle School, V.Kattupalayam, Cuddalore Taluk
  • Cuddalore – Government Middle School, Poonanthittu, Parangipettai, Chidambaram Taluk

Under Karka Kasadara undertaken school in 2018 -2019

  • Dindigul – Panchayath Primary School, Seevalsaragu

Under Karka Kasadara Daily Evening Free Tuition Center through Naanal Padipagam 6.00-8.30PM in 2019 -2020

  • Dindigul – Seevalsaragu Village Students – Trainee Teacher : Thilagavathi & Vinitha
Contribute one Student through Karka Kasadara for 1 Year – Rs.1500/-.
In that contribution School fees, Notebooks & Stationary things will be provided to the student.
Food Sharing – அன்னம் பகிர்வோம் 

“Let’s join our hands together to make a new society, help others.”

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust pick up excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants, functions and donate it to hungry. At the same time, We encourage people not to waste food at all.

Globally, human beings produce enough food waste to feed 3 billion people: over 30% of the world’s food supply is wasted. In 2011, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon noted that there is enough food in the world, yet millions are still starving – and unless we take action, it will devastate our planet.

“Everybody is waiting for somebody else to take action.”

“If every single human being on this planet had enough food, it would change our societies. It would stop wars, put an end to suffering and even change the course of human history.”

Most people don’t realize how much food they throw away every day — from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce. About 94 percent of the food we throw away ends up in landfills or combustion facilities.

Our Motto:

  • Collecting extra food from the house function like marriage, birthday party and distribute to the needy people.
  • If you guys inform us regarding the extra food in and around your area, our volunteers from the respective area/districts will come and collect the food from you and distribute and share to the needy people.
Financial Help

Help Financially in Education for students who need as our terms through different Colleges, Sponsors & Corporates.

“Education is a tool for development of an individual, community, and the nation. It is the foundation for a better future. It is an empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.”

Our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust helping hands support team believes that integrity is our key to success. We will show through our actions that we are competent, trustworthy, supportive and caring. Our trust will always respond to education request that comes from a much-deserved candidate with Low Economic Background family, Parentless / Single Parent-Child and physically challenged students etc.

If you are looking for a Scholarship.
Please click the button below to register.

Our Trust Request Selection Criteria:

The beneficiary should satisfy 3 or more clauses to be eligible for the financial help from our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust. However, Academic support team decision will be the final one on helping a beneficiary through selection.

  • Clause 1: Single Parent (OR) Parentless student.
  • Clause 2: Low economic background (income up-to 1Lakhs PA).
  • Clause 3: Topper or First rank holder (Applicable to Division, State, District rank holder in SSLC and HSC; University rank holder for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies).
  • Clause 4: First graduate in the family/ First generation learner.
  • Clause 5: Especially challenged persons (physically challenged, visually challenged, Deaf and dumb etc.)
  • Clause 6: Special category (Both Confidential like Terminal illness and Non-Confidential like Transgender and child laborers are also eligible )

Exceptional cases such as visually challenged or physically challenged will be provided exemption on the eligibility criteria.

To the Sponsors (Joining Hands)

With all your kind support we can lift up many deserved candidates to chase their studies and dreams. You are always welcome to sponsor/donate for an education request that goes on in out trust.


Help Continue her Education – கல்வியை தொடர உதவுங்கள்

Sathya Priya B.C from Chennai needs a financial support for her studies. She is pursuing B.E E&I Final year (4th) in Panimalar Engineering College. Also she got 94% in both 10th and 12th. Her father is no more and her mother alone taking care of her family with a small income. She is also have a younger child who is studying 12th standard and very troubling to running her family alone. So, she couldn’t afford more money to her daughter education. Sathya priya needs financial support to pursue her studies. So, kindly contribute for her studies.

Student Name
Education B.E – Final Year
College Name & Address
Panimalar College of Engineering,
Percentage  10th CBSE – 9.4/10 CGPA

12th – 1130/1200

Up to Last Semester – 8.5/10 CGPA

Family Background
  • Single Parent Student
  • First Graduate
  • Poor Family Background
Contact Number
Fees Details 

Fees : 45,000/-

Higher Education is the most needed thing because that only leads to travel the remaining path of education

Who ever seen this post, Do the needful as u can. If you do that thing, that his life may glow brightly.

Glorious things happen are!
Let’s be an initiator to make that glorious thing in his life.

Account Details

Name of Account: Dr.Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision
Account Type: Current
Account No: 1782135000000868
IFSC code: KVBL0001782
Branch: Karur Vysya Bank, PillayarKuppam, Puducherry
GooglePay/Paytm : 91-9629998597

* Once the amount has been transferred to this account let us know for this contact number 9629998597 and collect a receipt for Donate

Last Date to Pay Fees : 25-11-2020

“Donate Blood, Save Life!”

Blood Support

According to some research, blood donors have less symptoms for heart attack. Blood donation helps to produce balance in the hemoglobin level in our body. This act not only helpful personally but also helps the society to a great extent. On every year, 2,80,000 Pregnant ladies lose their life due to some disease. 29% of death cause is due to bleeding during the pregnancy time. The donation of blood will help the pregnant ladies to save their life as well as save their child. Every Year millions of people getting benefited with the help of donating blood to others. Each and every person who donates a blood, complete a physical examination before giving a blood. As a result, it is possible that a person could find out if they have any blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV. Although low blood count could stop a person from donating blood. Donating blood is not only useful for others, it also makes donors to produce a new red blood cell and balance them.

Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust have a blood donor and patient registration platform which will guide in helping needy patients. Those who want to donate blood and need blood please register in the following links.

More Details Contact

Blood Coordinator

“The youth need to be enable to Become Job Generators from Job Seekers”

- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Career Guidance

Here Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust split up into two teams. One team following Job Seeking people and others take care of Career Development. Job seeking groups arranging job to the students with reference in free cost without consultancy. Till now more than 60+ job seekers got placed. In career development, we are giving training to the college students to face of the interview board and are Group Discussion. How to discuss a particular topic among themselves. For 10th and 12th students, we are giving some useful tips like how to prepare the public exam and higher education details.

We also encourage and guide the persons who are interested to start a new own business.

Success Stories
“I thank each and every team member of APJ Future Vision Career Guidance for Job post and referral. Because of your Help and support, I got an offer letter and joined at INFOSYS, Bangalore. Once again I thank the whole team. In the future, I wish I can contribute to trust by helping any unemployed to get the job if possible.”  – Kirthika, Bangalore
“I got a job and working now in Adinal Manufacturing at Thirumudivakkam as Human Resources HR because of your Reference. I thank team for support. I can help unemployed job seekers to get job.”   – Balraj, Chennai
“Am Happy that i have been selected in KoSoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. I thank team for support.”   – Vijayapradha, Puducherry

If you are looking for a Job.
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“The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.  ” – Arthur Keith

To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.“ – Gandhiji

This statement from Gandhiji has a lot to learn for one to understand the basic philosophy behind farming.Agriculture was once popularly hailed as “God’s profession”.

Learning the lifestyle of farmers make everyone an organised citizen. A small step to encourage young people to understand the importance of farming, we took this initiative.In these one day, our Dr. Abdul Kalam Trust volunteers will be guided by the farmers in all activities to understand their life activities, farming activities, so that future generation never forget the importance of the farming.